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seedot medizinisch Büro®

seedot medizinisch Büro®,
offers the most advanced and secure Internet based physician-to-patient interaction solutions available on the market today. Below is a listing of the features of seedot medizinisch Büro® of our current website tool offering:

o Website Self Administration
o Online Patient Pre-Registration
o Appointment Scheduling System
o Online Laboratory Results Reporting
o Prescription Renewals
o Online Office Visits
o Online Instant Medical History
o Patient Online Bill Payment
o Virtual Medical Record
o On-going Search Engine Placement and Tracking
o Custom Website Design
o Marketing System
o Marketing Materials

Special features

seedot medizinisch Büro® enables physicians to improve efficiency and generate revenue with their patients via the convenience of secure, structured, HIPAA compliant, Internet based patient interactions. Practices using our Online Medical Office® more effectively communicate Lab Results, Appointment Reminders, Prescription Renewals and other common patient issues utilizing either the Internet or the telephone, as appropriate based on patients' preferences.

seedot medizinisch Büro® provides the web presence including secure patient encounter platforms to doctors as an Application Service Provider (ASP) allowing for rapid deployment and minimal financial investment for the practice. Medical practices with existing websites can easily integrate components to take advantage of the features most meaningful for them.

seedot medizinisch Büro® also provides marketing and implementation assistance to allow practices to generate extremely high returns on investment when utilizing seedot medizinisch Büro® capabilities.

seedot medizinisch Büro® believes so strongly in the values practices will see with our solutions, that we provide our core capabilities with no initial fees and no service period commitments.

Our experience with thousands of practices makes us confident that minor transaction fees based on usage generate quantifiable returns that justify increased use of our solutions. As the practice sees the increased efficiency provided, discounts based on volume are available.

Why Us?
Legacy of Healthcare Information Technology Development

Our people have deep roots in the healthcare information technology dating back even before our founding as a company. We have been delivering quality Internet and Intranet development services for healthcare clients and are firmly established as a leader in our industry.
Return on Investment

seedot medizinisch Büro® provides strong returns on relatively minimal investment. We can even establish a relationship with you that require no up-front investment. Our transaction-based services will encourage usage as you see the value they bring to your practice. We can help you reduce No Shows, Accounts Receivable, and Transcription costs. We can show you how to eliminate costs associated with lab results delivery and prescription renewals while increasing patient visits and generating additional revenue per visit for the practice.

Singular Healthcare Focus

Healthcare information technology is our primary business. Our management team has extensive career experience in many facets of the healthcare industry and has extensive knowledge of the perspective and objectives of each player in the dynamic healthcare arena.

Unique E-Commerce Applications

We are the pioneers and leaders in the development of Internet e-commerce applications for physician practices. Our technology empowers physicians to go beyond the typical marketing and patient education objectives of a website; to engage their patients in ways that increase efficiency and generate revenue.

Proven Technology

We have refined our secure Internet based physician to patient interaction technology through over 100,000 transactions. As our application base continues to grow, we are continually upgrading our technology to better serve our clients.

Extensive Physician to Patient Interactivity

We are focused on enhancing our physician clients' relationships with their patients through secure, online interactivity. We are continually developing new ways for physician practices to engage their patients in the convenient and efficient Internet medium. We see online interactivity as a significant opportunity for physicians and patients to more effectively interact for the benefit of each.

Application Service Provider (ASP) Benefits

As an Internet based ASP, we offer our clients the unique benefits of the ASP software model:

o Low Upfront Costs - our clients can benefit from our sophisticated technology without a significant upfront monetary investment.

o Continual Upgrades - since our software resides on our servers, we can continually upgrade it without any required client involvement and resulting disruption. Our clients always work with the most updated version of our software.

o No User Maintenance Required - We maintain our software while our clients utilize it, requiring no maintenance efforts by our clients.

Physician benefits of using seedot medizinisch Büro®

Our seedot medizinisch Büro® offers secure, structured, interactive Internet communication tools allowing physicians to communicate and deliver care more efficiently to their patients. For those patients who prefer telephone based contact, we can also provide telephone based interactions such as Appointment Reminders and Lab Result Reporting.

Where appropriate, we have proven that patients will pay for the convenience and confidentiality of online care. Physicians can realize a new source of practice income through the associated Internet applications such as online Rx renewals, structured, online office visits for non-urgent care and secure lab results reporting for detailed interpretations. We can even provide solutions in your office for improved patient history taking that can reduce your transcription costs by as much as 60%.

The efficiency of our communication solutions helps physicians reduce practice administrative costs.

Superior service is a key component of the relationships we establish with our physician practice clients. To ensure your success with the seedot medizinisch Büro®, we offer the following services:

o Analysis
o Implementation
o Marketing
o Hosting
o HIPAA Analysis
o Credit Card Processing
o Live Technical Help for Patients
o Prescription Call-in


Our Internet based technology has many applications in the enhancement of physician-to-patient relationships. We are interested in developing relationships with other entities in the healthcare arena that may be able benefit from the utilization of our technologies. Such entities may include:

o Physician Groups
o Hospital Systems
o Health Insurance Companies
o Managed Care Organizations
o Self Insured Employer Groups
o Physician Professional Associations
o Pharmaceutical Companies
o Internet-based Healthcare Service Providers
o Internet-based Information Technology Providers

Our applications are designed to accommodate a variety of architectures. seedot medizinisch Büro® Resellers can have their own branded presence hosted in our Network Operations Center, host applications themselves, or provide a client-hosted scenario. As we also offer online customer service, many of our partners have arranged for the transaction components of our relationship to be hosted by us.
Please contact us at if you or your organization are interested in developing a corporate relationship with®

We look forward to talking with you!

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