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seedot Customer Relation Management software

A Customer Relationship Management system may be the key to gaining the loyalty of customers, but it needs careful planning, implementation and controlling. With seedot Customer Relation Management software you can create a competitive advantage by being the best at understanding, communicating, delivering and developing your customer relationships.

A Simple Solution to Better Manage Customer Emails.

seedot Customer Relation Management software  is a targeted solution for businesses that need to maintain control and management of their inbound customer email communications. As a tool for businesses such as CRM centers, retail stores and web development firms, seedot Customer Relation Management software can help solve your business needs by increasing your customer response times and overall efficiency.


Who's using seedot Customer Relation Management software ?


CRM centers, small and medium sized businesses with a high volume of in-bound emails to role-based accounts, and companies on the go access all their important customer e-mails via a shared web based tool to expedite the flow of information between the company and the customers they support.

.Benefits for you and your clients.

.Manage role-based company emails from a single POP or IMAP account
.Anywhere, anytime, all-the-time availability
.Multiple user access
.Correspondence tracking including internal notes
.Auto-response and standard reply capabilities
.Archive of closed emails
.Activity monitoring / reporting
.Search capabilities
and more...

.Why is email management so important?

Particularly as businesses expand their online presence, more and more consumers are choosing email as their preferred means of communication with a company. Be it for product / service information, merchandise use, installation or return instructions, billing services, or general correspondence - email use is on the rise increasing substantially in volume with continual online adoption and increased online transactions and services.

.Interested in the new seedot Customer Relation Management software ASP offering?

With more than one million users worldwide, including one hundred Fortune 500 companies, seedot Customer Relation Management software provides the industry, government, and organizations with 100% web based seedot Customer Relation Management software - IT Tracking (Help Desk, Asset Management, Change Management) and Customer Relation Management (Customer Service, Sales Management, Bug/Defect Tracking).

A Simple Solution to Better Manage Emails.

.Improve customer response times by 50%
.Manage role-based emails (,
.Reporting and Tracking features
.Auto-response and standard replies
.Advanced Rules to guide emails to appropriate folders.

seedot Customer Relation Management software  are hosted solutions of both outbound and inbound email systems created to help businesses simplify the management of their email and online marketing strategies.


seedot Customer Relation Management software setup is easy with a simple web-based control panel. With three levels of users, seedot Customer Relation Management software allows Administrators full use of reporting features, branding, user management, account management and more. Users can access specific emails, respond to them and send new emails. User response times are cut in half with autoresponder set and standard reply selections. System acces is granted via the a username and password.

Automatic Paging and Email Alerts
The system can automatically page or e-mail staff members to ensure all defects are taken care of immediately.

Searchable Knowledge Database
Use free text queries to search your custom knowledgebase of bug/defect information to find out if a duplicate bug has already been submitted. Search the knowledgebase for previously resolved tickets, product documentation, company notes and memos, common procedures ? anything submitted to the system.

Charts and Reports
The system generates accurate, powerful charts and reports.

Flexible Workflow
The system uses a flexible scheme to accommodate medium to large sized organizations' workflow.

Fully customizable without any programming necessary.

Benefits of a Web-Based System
seedot Customer Relation Management software
Manager is a 100% Web-Based system, allowing you freedoms that client-side systems can?t offer:

Ease of Use
Anyone who can use a standard Internet browser will easily master the system - no need for any expensive, time-consuming training.

seedot Customer Relation Management software
Manager does NOT use cookies or technology that locks you to any one computer. Access the system from any computer with an Internet or intranet connection, then simply login and go ahead with your business.

Platform Independence
The software is accessible from any computer with a web browser, regardless of platform or operating system.

Web-Based Administration
All ongoing system administration can be rendered instantly through a web browser from any location, without the need for a tech administrator.

Web-based technology allows all locations of your company the ability to fully access your company's database - allowing development teams in different locations to stay up-to-date around the clock.

ASP Option
Why host the system yourself? Save money on hardware investment by letting us host the software for you with the seedot Customer Relation Management software. Utilize the full features of the seedot Customer Relation Management software system on a cost-effective subscription basis.


 What are the benefits of using seedot Customer Relation Management software?
Allows you to better manage company emails to role-based email addresses like, support@, sales@, billing@

seedot Customer Relation Management software all your incoming emails from a single POP or IMAP account

Provides web based access to enable multiple users controlled access to each email folder (HTML based; no client footprint)

Provides anywhere, anytime, all-the-time availability

Keeps a record of active responses / correspondence

Allows users to copy others on important matters

Contains an address book for convenient delivery of outgoing emails.

Utilizes an Email Alert that lets you know when email has arrived.

Simplifies transition of employee email responsibilities to keep your business moving when someone is absent

Enables you to set up auto-responders, such as "we received your request and are looking into it", as well as standard replies to choose from a pull-down menu

Includes internal informational notes within saved records

Makes available an archive of customer emails and resolutions to issues

Permits administrators to track user activity (i.e. who answered which email, how many were answered daily or by individual user, time spent per email, close rates, categorization, etc.)

Searches current and archived emails to find emails by name, case #, or subject

Auto archives once an issue/email chain is designated closed

Creates customizable views of your data sorted by email status (new, open, closed) or by date

Auto-dumps virus containing emails

Provides an infrastructure that grows with your needs

Complete control of branding (including logo replacement and color scheme).

 Plus these benefits of using an ASP:
ASPs provide companies with affordable and continuous access to the latest technology

No expensive maintenance staff or existing IT staff resources needed to install, configure, maintain or update the application

No software to install on PCs

Low risk

Greater predictability of IT costs

ASPs are scalable to meet business growth

Demands on overburdened in-house qualified technical personnel are reduced

Top quality security, backup, disaster recovery, and support systems

In-house resources provided more freedom to focus on their core business function, saving them time and money. These resources are instead free to better serve your clients and grow your business




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