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seedot Budget Plan®

Web-based seedot Budget Plan® system (seedot Budget system®)
The system provides a possibility for planning of the income from/expenses on a given activity and for current estimation of the income and expenses funds for the individual activities. The client can set up and manage himself the indexes he wants to be included in the planning and reporting part of the budget.

seedot Budget Plan® (seedot Budget system®) is flexible to the highest possible degree, with convenient interface and a possibility for creating an individual budget directly concerning the client’s activity.

We recommend seedot Budget Plan® (seedot Budget system®) to companies which need preparation and presentation of small and large projects requiring precise planning and specification of the necessary financial, human and technological resources, distributed in time as clearly as possible.

Key client’s processes in which the products can participate:

- Designing 
- Business processes

Company’s resources management 

- Finance 
- Accounting 
- Stocks in store 
- Human resources 
- Suppliers 
- Marketing 
- Sales 
- Interaction 
- Services

Sectors in which the product/service has been implemented: 

- Restaurant management 
- Hotel management 
- Eco-tourism 
- Construction 
- Infrastructure 
- Food-processing industry 
- Pharmacy 
- Medicine 
- Textile

Effective and easy management and estimation of the income and expenses on a given project with a possibility for current rating of the results achieved and analyzing the situation.
seedot Budget Plan® (seedot Budget system®) is simplified to the possible maximum. It offers great conveniences to companies and organizations and in actual fact allows for anybody to create his own budget himself, as well as to perform the next stage of monitoring the realization of the forecasted data.
Forecasting and planning of the future expectations, the possibility for their timely circulation and analyzing via the Web-based seedot Budget Plan® (seedot Budget system®) removes the geographical borders, creates competitive advantages and provides new possibilities for business development.

The introduction of seedot Budget Plan® (seedot Budget system®) improves and facilitates the direct contact with the clients, counterparties and contractors.
The detailed budget allows for the tourist establishment / hotel, restaurant, travel agency/ to get a clear idea of the actual market value of what it is offering.
Currently, there is no similar product on the Bulgarian market to meet the growing needs for monitoring, management and estimation of the income from/expenses on a specific company’s project. Even the largest ERP systems very often cannot cover all needs of the users and that is why seedot Budget Plan® (seedot Budget system®) offers this unique possibility. The follow-up stage, providing a precise possibility for rating and analyzing the results achieved, is important, too.

Using seedot Budget Plan® (seedot Budget system®) the company’s managerial team can easily and precisely take a decision and assess the benefits of a given project implementation.
The time and deadlines for a project preparation and specifying are cut down; it is extremely easy for the staff to operate seedot Budget Plan® (seedot Budget system®) and there is no need for a lasting and complex training for the staff to handle it.
seedot Budget Plan® (seedot Budget system®) maintains operations in an unlimited number of currencies, categories and sub-categories, organized in a convenient tree-like structure of arbitrary depth.
The efficiency of the system when generating information sheets is guaranteed by the possibility for arbitrary combining of the various operations indexes: type, period, category, currency, etc.
Furthermore, the program ensures a number of options for its behavior adjustment for certain actions so that the user can feel comfortable in his daily work.

A possibility for data filtering is provided for generation of information sheets by:

- time period: from date to date;
- type of operation: income-related, cost-related or both;
- selected categories including sub-categories data or not or without selected categories;
- by currency indicator: specific currency or all operations
- different levels of access to the budgets depending on the position in the company and interface for external persons’ access to specific information sheets of the budgets they are concerned with only.

Necessary recourse
seedot Budget Plan® (seedot Budget system®) can be installed on Ethernet, Internet server, as well as on any computer operating under Windows. It is web-based in such a way that another requirement on operating the budget system is any browser (IE, Opera, Netscape, etc). It has been even installed on Windows XP Home edition using ASP.NET Web Matrix, provided free of charge by Microsoft as web-server.

When setting up a virtual office, the solution of seedot Budget Plan® (seedot Budget system®) helps take the right decision.
Export of a budget to Excel format
Export of a budget to HTML format
Export of required information (reports) to Excel format
Overview, editing, deletion and adding of users
Existing users’ access turn on/off.
Budget data inputting and recording Wizard
Data-base Back-up
One of the main purposes of the interface is to ensure access to all potentialities of the system. Its full functionality is accessible through the respective controls ensuring a choice of actions, inputting of the necessary data and displaying the desired results.

Operational convenience
The location and organization of the controls and the other functional elements of the system interface of seedot Budget Plan® (seedot Budget system®) conforms to the logic of the system operation and succession of performance of the respective functions.



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